Evergreen Healthcare Center

924 Charlie’s Way, Montpelier, OH 43543

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Evergreen Healthcare Center is a skilled nursing facility in Montpelier, Ohio offering short-term senior rehabilitation, subacute and long-term care with programming focused on your or your loved one’s emotional and physical wellness. Our unique approach to skilled nursing treats every guest as if they were family. No matter the complexity of the medical issues our guests face, our skilled nursing services strive to help you achieve a higher level of independence and wellness. We strive to create a supportive environment and excellent experience for our guests, residents and their families.

Senior Rehabilitation Service Based in Compassion

At Evergreen Healthcare Center, we believe in maximizing the time you or your loved one spends with us. That means investing the time to develop customized senior rehabilitation care plans based on unique needs of every guest. Our skilled nursing facility prides itself on providing opportunities for social connections. Residents can enjoy many events and activities at the center, such as bingo and live music, or join a group outing for a trip to places like the zoo or a local baseball game. The center also hosts seasonal holiday parties, including Mother’s Day tea, community trick-or-treating and Thanksgiving family dinner.

We know that selecting the right skilled nursing facility, along with the right plan of care, is crucial when it comes to your wellness journey. We believe in an ongoing relationship with our residents and their families to ensure we’re delivering the very best care. When you choose our skilled nursing facility, we involve you in every step of the planning process to move forward, together, on your path to comfort, happiness and success.

Expert Long-Term Care Services

At Evergreen Healthcare Center, our long-term care supports your loved one with medical expertise as we manage chronic illnesses or conditions. Learn how we can help your loved one live as independently and safely as possible by contacting our team today.

CommuniCare | Feeling Lost

There comes a time for many families when 24-hour skilled nursing care for a loved one is simply a necessity. When this time arrives, being surrounded by an experienced clinical team, who cares like family, is essential to one’s quality of life. At CommuniCare, we understand this and know that quality of life cannot be achieved by tending only to an individual’s clinical needs. Instead, we focus on delivering high quality of care to meet an individual’s complete needs in an engaging and vibrant environment.